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The New Apex Learner - List Price £88

Currently only  available at the sale price of £57 in our own store which includes free delivery - click here for details.

The New Apex Learner is an upgrade to our original Learner brand.  This is an exceptionally versatile microscope that can be used to look at slide preparations up to x800 magnification and also whole objects - illuminated by the incident light unit at magnifications up to x200. This allows the examination of objects without the need to make slides.

The microscope has:

x2 eyepieces x10 and x20

x4, x10 and x40 objectives giving magnification from x40 to x800

Spring loaded stage clips

Fixed diaphragm light control and mirror illumination

Two lighting systems LED underneath for slides and downward facing for whole objects.

The kit includes:

The microscope complete with batteries

A box of prepared slides

Blank slides and coverslips

A specimen pot

Forceps, mounted needle and pipette

Just available - an aluminium attache case for £34 from our online shop

Click on images for a closer look...


The Apex Observer Microscope


The Apex Microscopes Editor


The Apex Practitioner Microscope


The Apex Examiner Microscope The Apex Learner 01 The Apex Learner 02 The Apex Learner 03 The Apex Learner 04

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