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The Apex Practitioner- List Price £158

Now available at our ownPrice Drop’ of £128 including vat - click here for details

The Apex Practitioner is a modern well made microscope. It is used for looking at specimen slides and can magnify from x40 to x800. It is one of our most popular products with over one hundred and fifty 5* reviews on Amazon.

Main features:

Inbuilt LED lighting with variable light control

x4, x10, x40,  Royal Microscopical Standard achromatic objectives

x10 and x20 eyepieces

Mechanical stage with drop down controls

Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls

Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and focus control

All metal scientific instrument with quality glass optics at an unbeatable price.

We now know that quite a number of our customers are buying this microscope to look for Koi Carp diseases. To support this application we have now launched a dedicated kit. This contains everything you need to carry out the examination of the skin and gills of these magnificent but expensive animals, together with an illustrated booklet that tells you how to use the various parts of the kit and probably, more importantly, what to look for. Visit our specialist web site


Fish Disease Kit - Price £30 including vat - click here to order

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