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The Apex Discovery Stereomicroscope- Price £180

Now available at the sale price of £145 saving £35 (19%) but only while current stock lasts in our Amazon Shop or through our own secure shop on this web site - click here for details

A microscope for looking at whole objects in 3D without the need to prepare slides. Look at any object immediately at x20 or x40 magnifications. Take a new look at the world around you. The Apex Discovery produces crisp, sharp, high contrast images that are enhanced by the inbuilt lighting system that allows top light and bottom light to be used together or separately to suit the type of specimen.

A pair of wide field eyepieces x10. The raised base has the option of a black/white reversible dissection plate or frosted glass plate when using the bottom lighting. Stage clips, on/off rocker and lighting control switches. Also included two rubber eyecups and a dust cover Can be used with the Apex Minigrab digital camera. No need for the use of prepared slides therefore the Apex slide sets and slide making kits are not suitable for use with this product. An aluminium attache case available as an accessory.

Main features:

x10 eyepieces with a rotating objective magnification turret

Magnification options x20 and x40. Incident and transmitted illumination that can be used together or separately

Black/white and frosted glass stage plates with stage clips

A 3D stereomicroscope for looking at whole objects such as insects, flowers, coins, stamps, minerals etc

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