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The Apex Handheld Microscope Vacuum Stand - Price £30

Available either from our Amazon Shop or buy now from here

This is an ingenious support stand for the Apex Handheld TV Microscope. This removes any handshake effects on the TV image. The lever controlled suction base clamps like a limpet to any smooth bench or desk surface. The flexi-arm can then be bent to position the unit over the specimen. Excellent value. Shown in one of the pictures with a TV Microscope attached and positioned over a PCB circuit board. The TV microscope has to be purchased separately.

Main features:

A Flexi-arm stand for the Apex Handheld TV Microscope

Unique suction base attaches the unit solidly on any smooth surface

The Apex Handheld TV Microscope simply slides into the clasp

The unit can then be positioned at the requested height about the specimen

This is the stand only, the TV Microscope is purchased separately

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