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The New Apex Examiner - List Price £64

Available at the sale price of £52 but only while current stock lasts. Purchase from our online shop

We have relaunched one of our most popular microscopes to include many improvements. The New Apex Examiner Stereomicroscope now has angled eyetubes to make using the binocular head much more comfortable. The New Apex Examiner is a superb portable light weight stereomicroscope, ideal for field use, at the beach or in the garden. The build quality is excellent and the price exceptional. Although this is a light weight instrument it is at the same time robust, and is well able to withstand the rigors of outdoor life. The microscope features include: - Portable and lightweight which is ideal for field use - Optical components with achromatic glass lenses - Widefield x10 eyepieces - Pair of x2 objectives giving an overall magnification of x20, which can be extended to x50 with additional eyepieces that can be purchased as extras. - Integral battery powered LED incident light source with on/off switch - Friction rack focus system - Removable white dissection plate with specimen clamps - Fully adjustable interpupillary distance.

Main features:

Angled eyetubes for ease of use

Inclusive specimen collection and dissection kit

Ideal for field use and terrific for introducing the young scientist to microscopy

For looking at whole objects at an overall magnification of x20 and does not need or use microscope slides (our slide kits are therefore not suitable)

Standard size widefield x10 eyepieces

x2 objectives which give a 3D image of specimens of all types

Optical components are achromatic glass lenses

Light is provided by an incident LED unit that is powered by batteries


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